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The simplest of things can quickly turn into a farming accident.

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Unfortunately a farming accident can happen any time. The spring weather is finally here and across the outer regions of Ottawa and into Kemptville, Cornwall, Arnprior and the Valley, farmers are beginning to prepare for their spring planting season. 

Living in the city, we often forget that these farms are where our food comes from and that these farmers work long hours in, sometimes, dangerous situations.

Machinery is the major cause of accidents and injuries in farm workers with 70 per cent of fatalities being attributed to machine rollovers, run overs, entanglement in moving machinery parts or other machinery-related causes, (Canada Safety Council). Proper training, education and preventative maintenance are very important to maintain a safe working environment.

Farming accident and safety

The best tool for any farmer who operates machinery is the owner’s manual. Machines are designed with safety in mind and are often used without error with properly maintained and operated.

An inspection of the machinery at the start of the work day can sometimes expose serious safety issues. Leaking air or hydraulic lines, missing machine guards or obstructed stop switches can have dire consequences. Safe operation should include a daily walk around the machinery. Here are some safety tips for farm operators.

* Wear personal protective equipmenton the job. Goggles, safety shoes and leather gloves are all potentially lifesaving.

* Avoid wearing any loose-fitting clothing, jewelry, hairstyles or anything that could get caught on moving parts.

* Stay away from moving parts at all times. If there’s something caught in a moving part, make sure to turn off the machine and remove the keys from the ignition before performing maintenance.

* When parking a machine on a slope, make sure to block it. The majority of all run over accidents between 2002-2012 were caused by unmanned machines.

* Exercise caution and judgment when operating a machine close to the edge of a ditch, slope or field. This is the most frequent cause of machine rollovers.

* Perform preventative maintenance regularly, making sure that machinery is properly lubricated, adjusted and does not have parts that are in need of adjustment or repair.

Farming can be a dangerous industry, but education and a mind for safety can greatly reduce accidents and injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a farming accident, call us today. We understand, we care and we are here to help.

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