Ottawa Police looking for information on OC Transpo bus accident at Bayshore Shopping Centre.

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It’s that time of year , when the malls are busy and many people are preoccupied with getting ready for the holidays. ?It’s also a time of year when many accidents occur. Drivers and pedestrians are distracted with other things and unfortunately this can lead to accidents. ?It is still unknown what caused the accident but last week an OC Transpo bus accident ?at Bayshore Shopping Centre resulted in the death of ?a 74-year-old woman. She had been crossing a cross-walk last Tuesday when the OC Transpo bus hit her. ?Sadly she was rushed to an Ottawa hospital but did not make it and was pronounced dead on Thursday.

Police say they don’t yet know all of the circumstances of the incident and they’re looking for more information before they can find blame in the collision and they’re asking any witnesses to come forward. Bayshore Shopping Centre is currently under construction. There are certain areas under construction that have a lot of traffic and this, sadly was one of the areas where this fatal accident occurred.

If you have any information that could help Ottawa Police determine exactly what happened, please contact them at (613) 236-1222. My thoughts go out to this woman’s family and friends, as well as others involved in the accident. ?I also urge everyone to be extra cautious at this very busy time of year. Whether you are in a car, on a bus, or walking, please be careful. ?Have a safe day !


Tragic VIA rail train and OC Transpo bus accident Woodroffe and Fallowfield leaves several deaths and multiple severe injuries.

It is still to early to make sense of what may have happened. ?All we know is that a deadly accident took place this morning. ?A terrible accident this morning between a Via Rail train and an OC Transpo bus has left several people dead and many injured . The tragic accident occurred this morning in Ottawa’s west end. The OC Transpo bus was crushed on impact and the entire front end of the bus was ripped off upon impact. ?The?OC?Transpo?bus was travelling north on the?Transitway and Via Train 51 en route?to Toronto?was heading west when the collision occurred. Ottawa Firefighters say the crash happened at 8:48 a.m

CTV news reported that 31 accident victims were rushed to Ottawa-area hospitals, 11 people with critical injuries, including the Ottawa Hospital regional trauma centre, and the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Dr. Falconer of the Queensway-Carleton Hospital Chief of Staff was quoted on ?CTV news website ?that the accident victims have suffered mainly leg injuries and was quoted as saying “It’s definitely one of the worst events we’ve seen in this city or at this hospital” ?“It’s overwhelming to imagine the suffering that’s going on.”

CTV news also interviewed several witnesses who were on the trains and bus at the time of the accident. ?Many reported that they could not understand how this could have happened. Several people have been interviewed on various news sources. ?Many reports were that passengers on the bus were screaming at the OC Transpo bus driver to stop as the guard rail was down, but it was too late. ?It was reported that the bus crashed through the lowered barrier and smashed directly into the train. There are many speculations as to why this may have happened. ?No one knows for sure at this point. ?Passengers travelling on the VIA rail train reported to news sources that they felt a “bump” but had no idea as to the severity of the accident until they exited the train.

It was speculated that the VIA rail train hit the OC Transpo bus at the Woodroffe and Fallowfield intersection. ?Ottawa rescue crews are currently at the accident scene . ?More to come as reports come in. ?What a terrible tragedy.?My thoughts go out to everyone involved in this horrific accident….

update: The Ottawa Sun has reported that the Ottawa Fire Department has initially reported 5 deaths and multiple injuries. ?CTV ?news is reporting 6 deaths, including the OC Transpo bus driver .

update: Ottawa Police have now identified the victims of the crash as Michael Bleakney, 57, Connor Boyd, 21, Karen Krzyzewski, 53, Kyle Nash, 21, Rob More, 35, and Dave Woodard, 45.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to all these grieving families….

***information from CBC news, Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun, CTV News

Fatal hit and run Brockville accident results in tragic death 16 year old Aaron Stevenson.

Brockville Accident

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Wrongful deaths : I’m very sad to report of?a tragic and terrible accident has left a young boy dead . ?He died as a result of being in a hit and run accident on County Road 2, near Irace Drive in Augusta Township yesterday around 12:30 a.m.?The driver has now been arrested . ?A 23-year-old man from Augusta Township is facing charges of impaired driving, speeding and indignity to a dead body, as well as a ?21-year-old man from Brockville is facing charges of failing to remain at the accident scene. ?Ontario Provincial Police responded to a hit and run accident and the young 16 year old boy who friends have identified as Aaron Stevenson?was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. Sadly, it was too late and he was pronounced dead. ?Aaron was about to enter grade 11 at Brockville Collegiate. ?The accident is still under investigation. ?My thoughts go out to Aaron’s family and friends at this very sad and difficult time. ?I have no doubt that Aaron touched many lives in his short time on this earth. What a tragedy to lose a life at such a young age.

information gathered form W1310News

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Our personal injury lawyers travel regularly to Brockville Ontario to meet with clients who have been injured in an accident. Many people living in Brockville frequently travel the highways, have a longer commute to work and therefore are greater chances at being involved in an accident. We have a number of clients in the Brockville area who have suffered serious personal injuries. We have helped them and we can help you.? If you have been injured in a Brockville accident and would like some advice and a free consultation, contact any one of our lawyers. We understand, we care and we’re here to help..and our track record proves it.


Ottawa lawyers: Tragic Kemptville accident sends 4 to Ottawa hospital and 2 wrongful deaths.

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A terrible accident has left 2 people dead and several with serious personal injuries. Two females in their 70s died when their car was hit by another car yesterday, just after 5pm. It was reported that the other car ?was trying to ?swerved to avoid 2 stopped vehicles that were waiting to make a left turn, when it smashed into the vehicle occupied by the 2 deceased women.

Marian McFadden, 76, was from Smiths Falls and was sadly pronounced dead at the accident scene. She was travelling with Jacqueline Jefferys, 78, ?from Burritts Rapid was also later pronounced dead at the hospital. The two women had been travelling in the back seat and in the front seat of the car was 72-year-old John McFadden, and James Howard Jefferys. Both men also suffered serious personal injuries and were rushed to the Ottawa Hospital ?in serious but stable condition. My thoughts are with both these families suffering a loss and ?severly injured family members.

The vehicle that hit their car was driven by Jennifer Anne Cooke, 18. Cooke was travelling with Clare Cooke, 20 on County Road 43 at Meadowglen Circle when she swerved to avoid another collision and the accident occurred. Both girls suffered serious personal injuries and were rushed to the Ottawa Hospital Civic campus in serious condition. My thoughts go out to the Cooke family and friends at this very difficult time and I wish both girls a full and hopefully speedy recovery.

Do you have any information that could help ? Ottawa Police are asking anyone with information about this accident to please contact Grenville County O.P.P. at 1-888-310-1122, or ?the Kemptville OPP at 613-258-3441 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-(TIPS). Any information is much appreciated.


How can we help make Ottawa a safer place to cycle? Ottawa cycling accident Riverside and Bank results in tragic death.

Ottawa?Cycling Accident

Sadly, another tragic Ottawa bicycle accident has occurred. Last night a 56 year old female cyclist died while cycling on Riverside Drive and Bank Street. ?She was cycling along and was hit by a cement truck . When Ottawa paramedics ?arrived at the Ottawa accident scene they attempted to save her life but the force of the hit was so strong they were unable to help and she dies at the scene of the accident. The cause of the bicycle accident is unknown and Ottawa police are investigating. If you witnessed this accident or have any information that could help determine the cause of this Ottawa accident, please contact the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222.

We know that a great deal of people cycle in Ottawa, ?so how can we help keep them safe? We can’t keep losing valuable lives such as this woman’s. My thoughts go out to her family and friends at this terribly difficult time.

This tragic death sparks debate once again in Ottawa as to what to do. ?Do we need more cycling paths in Ottawa? Do we need to focus on more ?education for cyclists? Do we need an education campaign for drivers? Our injury lawyers would love to hear your thoughts. Please visit?app cá độ bóng đá , call (613)?978-9549 ? or ? (613)?237-4922 ext.203? or??email us at

There are already many cycling advocacy groups in Ottawa. These groups, along with Ottawa Police , safety groups and the Ottawa community at large can make a big difference.? Whether you are a cyclist in Ottawa or not, our community needs to be as safe as possible for everyone.? I urge you to contact your MPP if you have any suggestions on how to make Ottawa a safer place for everyone and in particular if you have ideas on how we can reduce the number of Ottawa accidents that happen daily.

Ottawa Cycling Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth

If you have been involved in a cycling accident in Ottawa, there are accident benefits and insurance compensation that you are entitled to. Call us free of charge to discuss how we can help you . For more information, visit


Highway 417 accident sends 15 year old to hospital with serious injuries and death of Inas Naseif Bolus.

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The Ontario Provincial Police have released the identity of ?the deceased driver of the July 16 accident on Highway 417 in North Glengarry as ?47-year-old Inas Naseif Bolus from Ottawa. Bolus had been travelling with a 15-year-old male passenger who was rushed to an Ottawa hospital with serious personal injuries. ?Police reported that the vehicle Bolus was driving was travelling along highway 417 and landed in a ditch. My thoughts go out to the Bolus family and friends and I hope the 15 year old is able to fully recover from this accident.

The cause of the accident is unknown at this time. The accident is under investigation. If you have any information, please contact the OPP. The OPP are asking for witnesses to help determine what caused the accident.?The police are?asking anyone who?witnessed the accident or have any information?to call the SDG detachment at 1-888-310-1122 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Any information you can help with can be tremendously helpful when it comes to figuring out why this accident on Highway 417 occurred.? It may also help prevent future accidents.


Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth shares condolences and boating safety tips following boating accident and tragic death of Zachary Armstrong.

A tragic boating accident has led to the death of an 18 year old young man from Hastings Highlands Township. ?Zachary Armstrong drowned Saturday in an accident while driving his boat. Bancroft ?OPP responded to the call on Mephisto Lake at 10 a.m. and discovered that Zachary ?had fallen from the boat he was driving ?by himself and had that nearby cottagers had been looking for him for some time but had been unable to find him. ?Eventually divers located his body and he was pronounced dead.

A boat is considered to be a motor vehicle and like motor vehicles are in involved in serious accidents. Sadly, every summer we lose valuable lives in swimming and boating accidents. ?Accidents can happen to anyone and are sometimes out of our control. ?There are steps you can take to help reduce your chance of a boating accident such as…

Check the weather before you go out.

Equip your boat with all safety equipment

Make sure you have your ?Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Know the rules and use common sense

Know the waters you are navigating in

Never boat alone, always have a spotter

Always tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to be

Wear a life jacket and make sure all passengers are wearing their life jackets properly fitting

Never drink and drive a boat

Sign up for a certified boating course

Constantly check your safety equipment and make sure nothing is defective

Please make sure you take all the necessary steps to ensure you ?have a safe boating experience. Tragedies such as Zachary’s serve as a reminder for us all that anything can happen in an instant. My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very difficult time.


Ontario Accident in LaNation results in tragic death teenage sisters Nadia and Sophie Lafrance.

Hawkesbury Accident

Tragically, 2 teenage sisters ?have died following an accident in La Nation, Ontario last night around 6:20 pm. The Ottawa Citizen reported that the ?Ontario Provincial Police released information about the death of ?Nadia Lafrance, 19, and her younger sister Sophie Lafrance, 17 from St. Isidore. It appears that the vehicle they were driving left the road on Concession 19 and Ste. Rose Road in La Nation, which is located just east of Ottawa. There was another vehicle involved in the accident. ?Hawkesbury OPP reported that the driver and passenger were not seriously injured in the 2nd vehicle. The accident is under investigation . If you have any information that relates to this accident, please contact the Ontario Provincial Police. ?My thoughts go out the Lafrance family at this very difficult and tragic time.

Our personal injury law firm is situated in Ottawa Ontario. We meet regularly with families who have lost loved ones in accidents.? We understand how incredibly difficult these deadly accidents are on a family.? We strongly urge anyone who can help the police with information.

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers understand and care.



Tragic death of rugby player Rowan Stringer hopes to bring education on the signs and signals of a concussion or brain injury. Do you know what to look for?

Ottawa Child?Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth .

The very tragic death of young Rowan Stringer has left the Ottawa community with great sadness. ? Rowan attended ?John McCrae Secondary School student in Ottawa and was the captain of the rugby team when she died from a severe head injury during a rugby game last Wednesday. Rowan Stringer was an avid rugby player and played on several different rugby teams.

It was reported that Rowan was ?tackled hard during the rugby game on Wednesday, flew into the air and hit her head and neck on the ground. Upon impact, Rowan was awake, sat up but quickly fell ?unconscious. Sadly, she didn’t wake up. She remained unconscious for days while medical team worked at relieving the pressure in her head and then on Sunday, her family made the most difficult decision of their lives. Rowan was taken to hospital, where doctors tried unsuccessfully to relieve the pressure in her head but there was too much pressure and the decision was made to discontinue life support.

Rowan’s parents, Gordon and Kathleen Stringer, told CBC News that their daughter had been complaining of headaches the week before and that she’d been hit in the head in a game the week before the fatal tackle. ?Then, just 2 days before the fatal injury, she was once again ?hit in the head during a rugby game. ?She didn’t report this second hit to her parents. The doctors are now investigating whether or not she may have suffered a smaller head injury that may have some impact on the fatal head injury.

Sadly, Rowan is now gone and she can’t be brought back. Her family is hoping that her death will ?help educate others on the signs and signals of brain injuries. Her organs have been donated to help save the lives of others. What an amazing thing for this family to have done after going through such a terrible tragedy.

The question now is could Rowan’s death possibly save lives in the future? I hope so and so does her family. The hope is that there will be more education as it relates to head injuries, concussions and sports. Rowan’s death has been widely publicized . The hope now is that all this publicity may save another ?life. As a Ottawa personal injury lawyer who helps people with severe concussions and brain injuries, I believe it is vital that we talk to our kids, coaches, teachers, caregivers, friends about the signs and symptoms of concussions. ?Our children and athletes need to know what to be looking for and to know to tell someone. ?I believe that if we really educate our athletes and their families, we can help reduce the number of deaths and further injuries.

Unfortunately, concussions are fairly common and can range in severity. It is estimated that a concussion or? mild brain trauma is sustained every 21 seconds. The signs of a concussion so you can take the proper steps to treat the injury. The signs of a concussion also vary , which is why it is often difficult to determine if someone is suffering form a concussion or not. The following is not a comprehensive list, but does describe some of the

symptoms one might have if they are suffering a concussion:

  • confused or dazed
  • clumsy
  • slurring speech
  • nausea or vomiting
  • headaches
  • off balance or dizzy
  • blurred vision
  • sensitive to light and noise
  • sluggishness
  • ears ringing
  • changes in personality or changes in behaviour
  • difficulty concentrating
  • loss of memory

There are many more signs; however these seem to be the most common. As a Ottawa personal injury lawyer and as a father of 3 children involved in sports, I urge you to talk about concussions, what to expect and what to do. ?It could very well save a life. Rowan’s death is so incredibly sad and tragic that we owe it to her and her family to do everything we can to teach others about the signs and symptoms of a concussion. My thoughts go out to Rowan’s family and friends and this very tragic and difficult time.


Carleton Place accident tragic death of Madeleine Havelock and Thomas Guerette and leaves 4 others with severe personal injuries.

Carleton Place Accident

What a terrible and tragic start to Easter weekend. Sadly, 2 young university students died on their way home from Trent University to visit their families for Easter. ?4 other people also suffered serious personal injuries last night after a terrible accident in Beckwith Township, close to Lanark. The accident took place on Richmond Road, ?just south of Carleton Place and involved 2 vehicles. Tragically 21-year-old Madeleine Havelock and 22-year-old Thomas Guerette were found trapped in their car and pronounced dead at accident scene. They were travelling with a 21-year-old woman who suffered a severe pelvic fracture and a serious head injury. She remains in critical condition. ?I hope she is able to fully recover from this devastating accident.

3 others people were also injured. A 23-year-old man driving suffered a shoulder injury, while his passengers suffered serious personal injuries. One had severe abdominal injuries and a 16-year-old suffered serious injuries to his back and shoulders. They were rushed to ?the?Carleton Place Hospital. I hope they are all able to recover from these injuries.

We never want to hear about accidents like this and it is tough to imagine the devastation for these suffering families.