app cá độ bóng đáRichmond accident Franktown Road results in severe head injury, arm injury, leg injury and internal injuries. Ottawa injury lawyer David Hollingsworth shares story.

Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth?and Associates… A terrible accident has left a 60 year old?man in critical condition in an Ottawa?hospital.? The accident occurred yesterday morning?on? Franktown?Road , close to?Richmond. A?54 year old?woman was also travelling with the man and she too was rushed to an Ottawa hospital with a severe arm injury, leg injury and internal injuries. The 2 were travelling in a mini-van and ?lost control . The vehicle then hit a culvert. The driver suffered a life threatening head injury and was unconscious when rescue crews arrived to the accident scene.? My thoughts are with these 2 at this time and? I hope that they are able to recover FULLY from this terrible accident .

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) estimates that there? 600 traumatic brain injuries for every 100,000 people in North America and Europe. Many brain injuries occur as a result of car accidents and can range in severity from concussions to traumatic brain injuries. After an accident where there is a suspected brain injury, medical professional will often use a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) to determine the level of the brain injury by testing the person’s ability to open their eyes and respond to verbal commands and motor stimuli. Depending on the responses, medical professionals are able to determine the level of the brain injury. The lowest score on a Glasgow Coma Scale?is ?3, which essentially is no response and a score of 15 would indicate that the individual is alert and responsive.

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